Universität Mannheim (UMA)

The University of Mannheim is one of the leading research institutions in Germany with approximately 12,000 enrolled students. Its excellence has been confirmed by numerous rankings, awards, by surveys among employers, and by the German Excellence Initiative. UMA’s profile is shaped by its unique blend of renowned Economic and Social Sciences that are linked to excellent Humanities, Law, Mathematics and Informatics in a number of interdisciplinary programs and research projects. The Mannheim Business School has maintained its strong position in the global ranking of The Economist being ranked #38 in the list of the 100 best MBA programs worldwide. In Germany, Mannheim Business School is the number one out of three institutions that were taken into consideration. The University of Mannheim has been ranked number six in terms of absolute numbers of funded stays abroad by the German Academic Exchange Service. The Area of Economic and Business Education offers graduate and postgraduate courses in Quality Management in Business Education, Learning and Instructional Design in Workplace Learning, Technology Integration in Formal and Informal Learning, as well as Measurement of Economic Competence. The research expertise of the Chair of Learning, Design and Technology is in Educational Data Mining, Learning Analytics, Technology-enhanced Assessment, Design of Online Environments including Massive Open Online Courses, as well as technology integration in formal and informal learning.


Prof. Dirk Ifenthaler

Universitaet Mannheim/University of Mannheim (UMA)
Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftspädagogik – Technologiebasiertes Instruktionsdesign L4, 1
D-68131 Mannheim, Germany

Phone: +49 621 181-2279
E-mail: ifenthaler@bwl.uni-mannheim.de